CHA2DS2-VASc Calculator

The CHA2DS2-VASc calculator scores a patient’s risk of a stroke. The total score helps decide whether a patient would benefit from taking an anticoagulant medication to prevent stroke.


Patients with a total score of 2 or greater are at high risk for stroke and should talk with their provider about taking an anticoagulant medication.

Strokes may be prevented by taking an anticoagulant medication.

Click on the NO box to change the answer to YES and add points to the total score.

Risk Factor If risk factor is present, click to add points
C Congestive heart failure +1
H High blood pressure (BP) (hypertension, including normal BP on BP medications) +1
A2 Age 75 years or more +2
D Diabetes +1
S2 Stroke or TIA (mini-stroke) +2
V Vascular disease (prior bypass surgery, heart attack, peripheral artery disease, or aortic plaque) +1
A Age 65-74 years +1
Sc Sex category: Female +1
(If 2 or greater, talk with your provider) Total Score